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Howdy and welcome to my site. My name's Keegan and I love the internet. This site is probably going to be under construction for the rest of my life, which means that it'll probably be that way for the rest of your life too! Isn't it crazy how it works out like that? This site is best viewed on a pc or laptop in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Not optimized for mobile, sorry. I'm pretty new to html, but someday I'll learn how to do that for you rare mobile neocities users. This site was programmed on a computer with a square monitor, but it has been tested on a few different resolutions and should work fine on any size monitor.

I mostly just use this page as a way to screw around with my coding and have fun, I don't update it that often.

Maybe I should start this out with a bit of info about me. I'm a pretty cool and hip teen and as you can probably tell by my domain name and some of the images and things on this page, I love metal gear a bunch. I also love 20th century history, 80s rock music and horror, coding, drawing, and chilling on the web. Feel free to leave a message in my guestbook about my interests or my site if you want, I don't bite (most of the time).

a screenshot of Psycho Mantis from metal gear solid (1998)

You like silly neocities pages, don't you?